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Faculty Activities
CUA Law FacultyProfessor Mary Leary Honored with University Teaching Excellence Award
Professor Faith Mullen Honored by D.C. Government
In the Media | Law School Hosts Third Intellectual Property Roundtable
Financial Regulation through the Eyes of Tinseltown
Professor Mark Rienzi Assists Lawsuit Challenging Government Health Mandate
Professor Roger Colinvaux Testifies before Senate Finance Committee on Charitable Giving

Mary Leary

Professor Mary Leary Honored with University Teaching Excellence Award

Catholic University law school professor Mary Leary was among three faculty members recognized by the university on Nov. 9 for demonstrating overall excellence in her job. Leary was honored with the Teaching Excellence Award in Early Career Faculty for 2011-12 by Dr. James Brennan provost of The Catholic University of America, and John Garvey the university's president.

Instituted in 2006, Leary's award recognizes professors who have served fewer than ten years on the faculty. Faculty members are nominated by their colleagues and the nominations are endorsed by the deans of the various schools. A committee appointed by the provost reviews the nominations and supporting materials, including letters and course evaluations, and then makes recommendations for awards.

Quoting from the written endorsements of her fellow law professors, Brennan offered samples of the high esteem in which Leary is held:

"She is a sought-after advisor to students as an expert reader for criminal law papers, for career advice, for clerkship applications, and, of course, with respect to her classes."

"Students see in her a passion for the study and practice of law that they admire and find inspiring. They seem to be equally enthusiastic about the guidance that she gives them on their scholarly academic papers as well as the real-world career advice she offers on life as a criminal attorney."

"I have also been impressed with Prof. Leary's service to the school, her presence at so many of our events, and her service to the legal community outside the law school - particularly in the fields for which she has personal and professional passion."

Her colleagues also approvingly noted Leary's "crimes and coffee" session, where she meets with her students for a casual cup of coffee and to discuss criminal law.

"A student asked, 'is this where you go to knock off Starbucks?" quipped Leary during brief acceptance remarks.

Prior to teaching, Leary had worked as an assistant DA in Philadelphia and in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and she pursued her passion to combat family violence and sexual assault. Immediately before joining the faculty of the Columbus School of Law, she served as director of the National Center for the Prosecution of Child Abuse.

Leary has been a hit with students and colleagues from the start. The Class of 2010 chose her as its Faculty Marshall. In 2009, law students elected her Teacher of the Year. She is also the recipient of the Mary, Mirror of Justice Award (2009).

Leary emphasized that her success has been a group effort.

"This award is for all of my colleagues who help to make the law school better," she said.

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Faith Mullen

Professor Faith Mullen Honored by D.C. Government

Professor Faith Mullen received an award on Oct. 16 from the District of Columbia Office of Administrative Hearings in recognition of her efforts to improve access to justice for self-represented parties. Mullen suggested changes to ensure that people pursuing administrative actions against the city had at least a fighting chance before an administrative law judge.
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In the news

In the Media

From the conscience clause, to protecting children from sexual abuse, to sharing the sacred spaces of Jerusalem, CUA law professors are quoted on a wide variety of subjects.
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Intellectual roundtable
Law School Hosts Third Intellectual Property Roundtable

Catholic University law school professors Elizabeth Winston and Megan La Belle organized the 2011 roundtable, which invited papers-in-progress presentations from three prominent intellectual property law professors from Widener University School of Law, George Mason University School of Law, and Regent University School of Law. (Full story)

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David Lipton
Financial Regulation Through the Eyes of Tinseltown

Professor David Lipton, director of the school’s Securities Law Program, moderated and participated in a live webcast “Silver Screen: How Films Shape Public Perception of Financial Regulation,” sponsored by the SEC Historical Society on Nov. 1, 2011.   (Full Story

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Mark Rienzi

Professor Mark Rienzi Assists Lawsuit Challenging Government Health Mandate

Catholic University law school professor Mark Rienzi is among the attorneys assisting the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in its representation of Belmont Abbey College in a lawsuit filed on Nov. 10 that challenges a 2011 mandate from the Health and Human Services Department. (Full story)

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Roger Colinvaux

Professor Roger Colinvaux Testifies Before Senate Finance Committee on Charitable Giving

Catholic University law school professor Roger Colinvaux was among a panel of experts invited to testify before the Senate Finance Committee on Oct. 18 as it considered proposed changes under the tax code to deductions for charitable giving. (Full story)

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